Top Quality Antlers

Rest assured, no animals are harmed in the harvesting of our products. Our top-quality antlers are cut fresh, shortly after they are shed. Not after they’ve already been sitting around on the ground for years.

As more than just being your pet, your dog loves you and cares about you. Wouldn’t it be proper to return the love? Mr. Antler presents you one of most affectionate ways to show your four-legged sweetheart you love them back: the perfect antler chew!

Mr. Antler offers you the highest quality naturally shed antler chews which your darling dog is sure to fall head over heels in love with. Cutting through shed elk, moose, and deer antler chews, we have got those lovely antler chews sure to rock your dog’s world.

Organically Sourced.
Beautifully Served.

Certainly, we know you love your dog hence we would go the whole length to ensure your darling dog is safe. This is why we take the best of caution and expertise to ensure our antler chews are totally harmless.

Our antler chews are impeccably smell-free, 100% natural and totally devoid of additives or other dangerous chemicals. Therefore, unlike other nylon or plastic chews, Mr.Antler chews lavishes your dog with flawlessly organic chews which would keep their teeth enjoyably busy and cleaned as well. 

Rest assured, your dogs can’t be more grateful when their canines land on Mr.Antler’s top quality antler chews.

Antlers For Any Size Dog

Here at Mr.Antler, we offer various sizes of dog antler chews. This ranges from 3XL down to the Extra Small antler dog chews. We even go as far as to give your dog that specialized treat of royalty by offering you custom cut antler chews that uniquely and precisely matches the chewing needs of your dog. This factors in your dog’s unique chewing habits and personality.

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